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Cross-platform. Our software technologies allow to compile the software for any operating system: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android. This preserves the full compliance of the interface and functionality. System users will not feel the difference working on different operating systems.

Combining the set of archives. The architecture of our software originally combines multiple systems into a single complex madia archives. This allows to build the global systems of unlimited scale.

Reliability. The application software is based only upon native technologies, which results in excellent performance speed and the highest level of reliability of the entire system.

The technology allows to combine multiple archives into a single network and provide a "single point of access" to all stored content.

Combining sets of archives

Combining the set of archives

Using native technologies in development of application software ensures maximum speed and reliability of our software


Applied technology allows full support for the major operating systems


Combining the set of archives



The full-cycle process automation complex for large and medium-sized broadcasters to automate the creation and distribution of media data, including  automation of news, sports and studio programs creation

A comprehensive package of IT-solutions for the media industry

The Information Technologies Media Group’s own software solutions help create systems of any complexity in the minimum time and at optimized costs

Support in selecting the proper solutions

1. Manageable IT-solutions

2. Native technologies

3. Global management technologies


 Unique industrial electronic archive 

The software suite for operational and permanent storage, registration, gathering, management and movement of audio-visual and related electronic documents.

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